Italian scooters and bicycles


Treviso was the quietest Italian city we’ve been to. The centre was devoid of cars and one big difference we noticed since our last trip to Italy was the total lack of motorised scooters within the city walls. Instead people walked or cycled pushbikes. The same applied to Ravenna. The historic centre of the town was all cobbled streets and almost total beautiful silence. Have Italian City Councils banned the motor scooters?

The streets were squeaky clean, despite a large number of handbag dogs going for their passeggiatas, there was virtually no dog poo.

Treviso and Ravenna would not get into a “Top Twenty” list of Italian cities, but we tried very hard to think of any British city which has created pedestrianised streets within their historic centres and managed to have an ambience to compare with these.

UPDATE – one of our readers has suggested Guildford as a good example of UK pedestrianisation.



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