Why we love AirBnB


Travelling round Italy in a car is easy. With our large map and a Lonely Planet guidebook, we are mostly booking up AirBnB apartments one step ahead of where we are. We book via the App on our iPhones or iPad for 2 or 3 nights per stay.

Airbnb provides a wider variety of memories. An isolated house down a stone track in the mountains near Bettona, where we needed to light a log fire to stay warm – but we had incredible views. A medieval house in the centre of historic Gubbio with Virgin Mary paintings on every wall. And now in Sulmona an 18th Century mansion with creaking gates and huge rooms.

Equally the owners are characters too.  Of course out-of-season they are delighted with our bookings but many of them also want to practice their English on us.

We also love AirBnB because it is a lot cheaper than hotels. For an AirBnB we are paying around 45 euros per night, whereas it’s 60-70 euros to stay in a hotel. Also, with an AirBnB you get an entire apartment to yourself and can spread out in the evening, watching TV, cooking or reading / writing like we would at home.

Airbnb is a wonderful invention for cash-strapped Italians with real estate assets. And it’s a great way for us to travel because we learn more by talking to the locals and our money goes direct to them not some big hotel chain.


One thought on “Why we love AirBnB

  1. This is a great idea! We were just wondering if using AirBnB is really that much better in the large cities where there so many options from hotels to hostels, or perhaps the real B&B…But in the smaller towns of Italy for example in Tuscany we had always struggled to pull a plan together because the lack thereof of hotels or hostels. Now with AirBnB vetting the homes (in some way), it is a great way to stay your way through Italy!


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