Why Italy is great in November



When you plan a full gap-year it’s impossible to be in the right place at the right season all the time. We guess we have based our schedule around being in Chile and Argentina in their Summer but also we wanted to be closer to home at Christmas; we have arranged for our two kids to join us in Bologna.

But right now we are so pleased to be in Molise, Italy in mid-November. There are at least ten reasons:

  • it’s so empty – everywhere we go we have the place to ourselves so there is no queuing and no crowds around the sight
  • we can get around easily and can always park quickly
  • the places are full of real Italians – including the students – so there’s an authentic feel
  • the temperature is perfect for being a traveller – as we write this in Tremoli, Molise it’s 20 degrees in the evening. In the past we have enjoyed Italy in the Summer months but then it’s a case of only walking a few yards before needing the sanctuary of shade
  • the hotels and Airbnbs are cheap and available – the other day we arrived on the Adriatic coast with no worries about getting a room and ended up with the most perfect room overlooking the sea for 65 euros
  • the countryside looks fantastic – the autumn leaves make everything so colourful
  • the sun is always low in the sky leading to some special lighting for photos
  • there’s time to eat a gelato before it melts
  • Italians are so well dressed in the winter – people watching is amazing
  • we are missing the English storms and rain.

Obviously the one thing we are having to work around is the short daylight. But here we have the advantage over England. Thanks to the continental time it’s light until 5ish so that’s not too bad.


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