Italian cats

We’re cat lovers and have been intrigued by what might be cultural differences. Us British are a nation of animal lovers and give lots of character to their pets by talking to them and generally indulging them. We’re not sure the Italians do this in the same way…

Italian cats – mainly a predominance of tortoiseshell and tabbies – seem to be quite shy in general; the ones we meet on our travels are usually living outside and often run a mile when you approach them. They have very different expressions on their faces and their yowls are a lot louder.

Interestingly the cats of the two British families we’ve met living in Italy, seemed to have British characteristics rather than Italian. So this suggests it’s upbringing rather than genes.


Interestingly, dogs here come across as very different from British dogs, since most of them are used as Guard dogs and kept chained up or behind fences and rarely exercised. The Italians seem paranoid about security and have several locks on each of their doors as well as the dogs!


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