Harold and Hanna cycling to Iran


Looking around the centro storico of Ostuni we spotted two brightly clad cyclists heavily laden with panniers back and front and got into conversation with them.

What an amazing story: Hanna and Harald are spending six months cycling from Belgium to Iran. Having left on 10th October, and travelling some 50 km a day so far without punctures, they will soon catch a ferry to Albania, then on across the northern coast of Turkey and into Iran.

We were so impressed. They told us they had cycled over the Alps and the Apennines. They always camp at night – despite the cold – to save money and buy and cook their own food using a small camping stove which is also carried on their bikes.

Hanna and Harald have relatives in Iran, whom they will spend some time with before flying home. In due course they may continue the cycle onto Asia and longer-term plan to set up their own eco-farm.

Follow them on their blog: http://www.hahaerlebnis.wordpress.com

They’ve got some great tips and apps for long distance cycling.



One thought on “Harold and Hanna cycling to Iran

  1. Waaaw thank you for the honurable mention! Your enthousiasm is really encouraging. Little note: we don’t camp all the time, we did some hostels, pilgrim houses and b&b’s as well 🙂


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