“No” vote in Referendum


We spent yesterday asking Sicilians which way they were voting. Nearly everyone said “No” and made some negative comment about the government.

So the scale of the referendum “No” vote came as little surprise to us. 60% voted “No”, in a high turnout. Matteo Renzi, the PM has resigned.

Just as in Britain there’s a feeling here that politicians are only interested in themselves. People want change and they are taking it out on anyone who is failing to listen and deliver. This was as much a referendum about Matteo Renzi, the government and the state of Europe, as about the question on the ballot paper.


One thought on ““No” vote in Referendum

  1. Yes, I read an article that said that a big percentage of the NO votes came from down south. Tough times ahead for Italy but it seems that almost every country has its turn.


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