Christmas presepe

Here in Bologna at the Abbazia di Santo Stefano

It’s been a pleasure to see the presepe (nativity scenes) throughout our travels in Italy; in public spaces, shop windows and most unexpectantly in our accommodation. Far, far more than you would see back in Britain.

St Francis of Assisi apparently created the first nativity scene in 1223, attempting to place the emphasis of Christmas upon the worship of Christ – rather than secular materialism and gift giving. Not sure that succeeded in the long-term but at least Italy is trying its best to keep the Christian spirit alive. With trucks being driven into Christmas markets not so far away surely that’s not a bad thing.

Throughout Europe there has been calls to remove nativity scenes from schools and other public places – by secularists, other religions, the ‘easily offended’ and the diversity brigade. The battle for the soul of Europe in miniature.


One thought on “Christmas presepe

  1. I displayed a knitted nativity scene for the whole of advent in the school entrance foyer. Many children and visitors commented on it . As a C of E school it is refreshing to be able to openly remind all the school community of the true meaning of Christmas. The only slight mishap was when one of the children secretly removed the knitted baby Jesus and posted him in the Christmas post box!! Your photos are excellent. V impressed with the Italians


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