Thoughts on 2016

Roger and Hilary in Brussels on the penultimate day of 2016

Firstly a very Happy New Year to all our family and friends, and also readers of this post. We arrived back in the UK from our two months in Italy just in time to celebrate the New Year with best friends, Joe, Jill, Paul, Hazel, Suki and Giselle.

For us 2016 has been dominated by getting organised for this gap year. Preparations started as far back as January 2016 to make the house “rental-ready” and closing down all our work and social commitments.

Family wise we lost the last of our parents with the death in April of Roger’s mum Barbara. But on Hilary’s side we celebrated in Newcastle in May with a triple family birthday party.

There were weekends away – to Budapest, Vilnius and Berlin – a four week trip to the Outer Hebrides, and a return to the Wilderness festival in the Cotswolds.

And we were blessed to see our children progress in their career/study.

So wonderful moments but also changes that meant we were ready for taking our gap year.


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