Into Argentina

Hilary and Roger at the mountain top border

The people at tourist information offices are looking at us incredulously when we say we are trying to get to Patagonia by bus.

But with plane and ferry options very expensive that’s our preferred way to get south. And that means we have to get onto Argentine roads, Chilean roads don’t connect from north to south.

So we crossed the border on the Pucon to San Martin local bus. Formalities at the crossing took over two hours, but the scenery was exceptional with huge plains and a backdrop of mountains.

Despite the scheduling challenges, using buses makes us appreciate the vast distances involved and the local communities.


One thought on “Into Argentina

  1. You’re brave! We drove in 2010 with friends from Esquel to the Perito Moreno glacier – 1200 kms with dust roads, one town with a hotel or two, one roadside cafe on the entire stretch!! And then we had to drive back again…..aargh! Maybe roads are better now. Had a wonderful road trip on the east side too, from Buenos Aires to Peninsula Valdez, but that was a while ago. Enjoy this amazing country.


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