Moving to Ushuaia

Argentinians are moving south to Ushuaia attracted by a booming tourist economy and tax breaks. These are the economic migrants of the region and their entrepreneurial “gold rush” spirit extends to unofficially clearing the forests to build their homes.

For us this was in microcosm the development of a shanty town –  or villas miseria as they are known here – so your bloggers were keen to take a closer look. Ok, it was messy, ramshackle and a blight on the view from the cruise ships but far from the “roads running in shit” we were told about by the man who worked at our hostel.

In fact even without town planners and officialdom the township seemed to work. Families were establishing new homes with power cables strung across trees and newish cars parked up on the dusty paths.


One thought on “Moving to Ushuaia

  1. Sounds a lot like Leafield – also built by ‘unofficially’ taking land from Wychwood Forest, power cables stretched across roads between houses even now, muddy paths – and yes, even the ‘newish’ cars (mine’s a 55)!! Weather probably much the same too ha ha …


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