Sailing round the world


We had the good fortune to meet two inspiring Canadians, Brian and Kathleen, who very generously invited us aboard their yatch, the Pelorus Jack, for dinner and beers.

They have been sailing the world for four years. From their home in British Columbia down the west coast of America, then through the Panama Canal, up the east coast of the USA and to Europe via Greenland. Then across the Atlantic and down the east coast of South America to Tierra del Fuego. They shared their knowledge of what it takes to travel safely and successfully by yacht; basically a lot of pre-planning and much bureaucracy and paperwork.

There are clearly major advantages over us land travellers, like staying in deserted bays and reaching hardly seen views, but – because of the need to stay near their vessel even when it’s moored – they envied our ability to see inland sights.


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