Baquedano Street

For the past five nights we’ve been staying at hostels along Iquique’s historic main street. It’s now pedestrianised; the sort of place where you feel instantly at home.

Dating from 1880-1920, the American Georgian-style buildings built by the wealthy owners of the Nitrate factories are made of imported Oregon pine wood. A long way to ship it but there are certainly no trees here.

To one side of the street there’s an attractive boardwalk; today perfect for skateboarders. Unfortunately, whilst we have been here, the tram hasn’t been working.

Last night, in one of the street’s many cafes, Roger had his first ever Pisco Sour.


One thought on “Baquedano Street

  1. Thanks for the blog. I enjoyed the Valentine’s Day photo reminding us of our family’s love of travel. I think Hilary has just beaten Kenneth on number of countries visited. We must do another count but are nowhere near up to this. We are thinking of going to Kenneth’s ‘beloved Salzburg next year (mentioned several times in his autobiography and appeared to be his favourite place on Earth).

    I am looking forward to the photos of Yellowstone in May. We went there in early September in 2004. It was snowing. We were told Yellowstone only has two seasons August and winter, but I think it should bursting with life in May.


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