Geyser del Tatio


El Tatio is the world’s highest altitude geyser field and the largest in the Southern Hemisphere. Its geysers erupt to a height of around 1m with the highest eruption being around 6m.

We got up at 4am to join the tour, which arrived at the site just before dawn. At high altitude it was literally freezing. Thank goodness the sun soon came up.

Our guide told us all about fatalities due to the high water temperatures. Apparently one lady fell in a geyser not so long ago and was boiled alive.

And we have more geysers to look forward to. The largest geyser field in the world is Yellowstone National Park; we plan to be there mid May.

Hilary’s purple bobble hat is keeping her warm but also drawing comments. What do you think? Wacky or fashionable?

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