A love of travelling

Roger with his sister and older brothers and his parents – Barbara and Kenneth

Roger writes…

My Mum died last spring and today I am remembering her as February 14th was her birthday. I’m also remembering my Dad who died a few months earlier.

They loved travelling  – whether by train to Wales on their wedding day in 1947, or seaside caravan holidays with their young family (see above photo), or taking me just after university to Florence, or going to Ghana for a month, or travelling with my Sister much later in life to China.

For sure, I got a love of travelling from them. But there is something more.

As my parent’s health deteriorated – and marvellously not until well into their 90s – their world shrank to their house and then their bedroom. But they still had their memories of overseas trips and I plotted with them on a map all the countries they had been to; by the time we had finished there were lots of dots all over the globe.

So Hilary and I are partly on our round-the-world because of Barbara and Kenneth. It’s about having a curiosity for the world and no regrets later in life.

Also you never know what is around the corner.


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