Life and death in Salta

Salta’s main square with the Cathedral on the right

Due to a four hour border crossing we arrived in Salta very late, but thankfully we had already booked our Airbnb.

Five minutes from the main square – the most attractive we have seen so far in Argentina – the flat made a welcome space for us to cook healthy meals and wash some clothes. Not since we left Santiago have we enjoyed our own kitchen.

The star attractions in town are the amazingly preserved 500 year old Inca children who were drugged by their parents and left to die in a sacrificial ritual at the top of nearby Llullailloco Volcano. The three are displayed in rotation at the Museum of High Altitude Archaeology and we saw The Lightning Girl; so called because after her burial a bolt of lightning burnt part of her face. She is still perfectly preserved in a special chamber at -20 degrees.

Close up of The Lightning Girl – a pic sourced from the web as photography in the museum was not allowed

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