Stopover in Aregua

Today, we took our first local bus in Paraguay. From Asunción bus station about 30km east to the small village of Aregua.

The now defunct Asunción to Encarnacion railway line used to pass through here and alongside the down-at-heel cafes and ceramic sellers there’s plenty of beautiful ‘colonial style’ houses that just need some tender love and care….. and money.

We came here without booking any accommodation and indeed without knowing for sure there were hotels nearby. Thankfully, after we had nearly given up finding somewhere suitable a young couple told us to get in their car and they drove us – with directions from the locals – to a rural hotel some 3 km away.

We could enjoy sitting out the afternoon heat on the verandah.

Thanks to the brand new supermarket in Aregua there are now no roadside stalls selling fruit and vegetables. Progress at a price

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