Iguacu Falls – from Brazil

dscf1429One of the top sights of the natural world, the Iguacu Falls simply do not disappoint. We’ve had a great day seeing them from the Brazilian side; the nearly 300 falls straddle the Brazil/Argentina border.

And we got very wet. First on the walkway out to the chasm known as the Devil’s Throat – the noise, energy and water spray on a hot 35C day made this a fun place to be – and then by inflatable boat into and under one of the 60m waterfalls.

Who doesn’t love waterfalls? This is the second most popular tourist attraction in South America (after Machuca Piccu). The first panoramic view from high up the gorge literally takes the breath away – this is the largest waterfall system anywhere in the world.



2 thoughts on “Iguacu Falls – from Brazil

  1. Wonderful pics – it’s quite staggeringly beautiful, isn’t it. Did you see any exotic wildlife? We stayed in a hotel on the Argentine side and travelled over to Brazil -there were all sorts of flora and fauna in the hotel grounds alone! Fantastic place. We also went on the ‘big water’ – terrified we’d drop down a waterfall most of the time! Carry on enjoying! Lx


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