Another all night bus journey

img_1580We’re on another all-night bus, this time from Posadas (across the river from Paraguay) to Buenos Aires. And for the first time we booked full cama which means our seats recline to nearly 180 degrees, we get airline quality food and a choice of free drinks including ‘Argentinian champagne’.

Since we landed at Santiago on January 4th, we’re travelled some 5500 miles through Chile, Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil and the vast majority of this mileage has been on eight all-night bus journeys. This latest is 14 hours but our longest was 25 hours.

Hilary tends to curl up and sleep well but Roger finds himself listening to podcasts until the early hours – eventually the sweet tones of Melvyn Bragg and his academics on In Our Time gets him to sleep.

In the absence of any rail systems, it’s this network of privately run luxury buses that keep these countries moving. For eight weeks they have become part of our lives – checking our bags into the back and getting security tickets for them, getting annoyed by the violent videos they often show, taking exercise and stretching wherever we can despite the glares of the conductors who want you to stay on their bus.

If you plan to do this – always book up your next journey as soon as you arrive at a new destination; on many routes – particularly in the Patagonia region – buses were booked up days in advance. Also this way you can reserve a better seat – stay away from the loos, whilst the seats upstairs by the stairwell have extra leg room.


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