We walked 10km from the old town out to Playa Pocitos

As soon as we arrived in Buenos Aires, we got the ferry/bus combo to the capital of Uruguay.

Gosh how different this place feels. Just outside our hotel there’s a bookshop, and just next to that is an art gallery! First sightings for eight weeks.

This place has a European feel to it – street cafes, shady plazas, effective transport, clean streets etc.

To us it’s like two places combined. First the beach areas along the Rambla with modern high rise apartments and underground car parks – think Cannes or Nice, without the expensive yachts. Second the old town – but here don’t think old as in ‘Italian old town’, think more 1910s dereliction meets 1960s monstrosity. But hey this has a charm all of its own.

A touch of Manhattan. The striking 29 storey Palacio Salvo in the main square. Planned as a hotel in 1928, it was South America’s tallest building
Opulent wealth of the beef barons. On display at the Museo Romantico

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