The art of hospitality

Here we are with the delightful owners of the Hotel Palacio – where we stayed in Montevideo. The family have run this hotel for 90 years. We are sure they do it every day with hard work, passion and generous spirits.

So what do we want from hotels on our gap year? Well it’s not much; we can’t be too choosy on our budget. And to give you an idea of what we’ve put up with so far, at one place Hilary screamed when she saw a frog in the loo!

However, it’s good to have a distinctive experience in keeping with the location and a friendly welcoming smile.

This is what Hotel Palacio gave us. Our room was full of antique wooden furniture. It had a private veranda with great views. The lift was still the original installed 90 years ago. Charming and just £41 a night.

Hilary on our private veranda, where each night we drank beer and had food

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