Museo Torres Garcia


Roger’s always enjoyed going to art galleries and in Montevideo he visited the Museo Torres Garcia. Over two floors it tells Joaquin Torres Garcia’s life story; born Montevideo, spent most of his adult life in Paris, then returns to Montevideo at 60 and shapes local artistic teaching. It also seeks to explain his invention of Universal Constructivism.

Now artistic manifestoes have always seemed to Roger to have something of the ‘Emperor’s new clothes’ about them, and it’s especially impenetrable when all in Spanish. But put simply, Torres Garcia’s later art combines a grid like structure with symbolic imagery – things like fishes, clocks, trains, houses and other outlines based on South American native art.

Torres Garcia said “a work of art must not represent nature but exist as the concrete embodiment of an idea. It must be self-contained, defined by its own order and inner rhythms”. So that’s clear then.


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