Travel Tips 3 – Round the World tickets

Arriving in Quito, capital of Ecuador – the second flight of our RTW ticket

There are pros and cons of having a pre-booked round the world (RTW) ticket. Ours is with the Oneworld group of airlines. Prices depend on number of flights, continents and total mileage (the max is 39,000 miles).

We looked at booking online using the specialist websites but found it best to chat to an expert. In the end we chose Flight Centre who gave us lots of advice on how to maximise the budget.

One idea is not to always fly onwards from where you land. For instance in January we flew into South America in Santiago, but yesterday we flew out from Buenos Aires.

And we paid a bit extra to be able to change dates – we can change the dates but not the actual routing.

But it’s not just about price. Another pro is that you discuss and agree the structure of the year whilst you are relaxed at home with access to all the information you need. Now on the trip our focus is making the most of each leg – which still gives us so much flexibility – rather than debating which country next?

Of course the downside is that we can’t just wake up and completely change our plans. Also, if you miss a leg of the RTW ticket there’s a danger the whole ticket is cancelled.

This is one of our occasional tips for middle aged gap year travellers. To see the others, click below on the link – Travel Tips


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