At the Equator

Hilary had done it 25 years ago in Uganda. Roger did it for the first time today. And where better – the only one of the 11 countries (by landmass only) crossed by the equator that’s named after it.

The site everyone goes to is about 20 km north of Quito – it was here the French Geodesic Mission in 1736 proved the world was oblate and not elongated (egg-shaped) at the poles.

Did you know, due to the rotation of the earth, the latitude 0 degrees 0 minutes 0 seconds varies its location within a 5 km wide equatorial strip. A sign says the yellow line painted in the pictures above is at the exact equator on the Summer Solstice. But apparently GPS has the line 240 m away.

Not to worry. We stood on the line and did some mindfulness.


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