Energy levels down

On the Saturday night a young inspiring couple from Pennsylvania – Julissa and Graham – asked us to join them for dinner and lifted our energy-levels

We’re now in Banos (Central Ecuador) and totally exhausted. The humidity of the jungle. The heat in Lago Agrio. A really uncomfortable all-night bus journey here. All have sapped away at our energy-levels and we both crashed out for long periods.

We knew extended travelling would be very tiring, it’s no holiday despite what some of our friends might think. The 60 days in Italy and now the 70 days in South America have finally caught up with us.

Rather than beating ourselves up now, we are actually really pleased we kept going for so long; pushing ourselves to see and experience so much. Hilary did her first gap year in 1987 with good friend Sara and got exhausted after three months of travelling. So we had to expect the same again, especially since we’re thirty years older.

It’s the problem of a gap-year. It’s a long time. What’s our response to feeling so exhausted? Well we’ll be heading off to Costa Rica soon and will earmark the first week there for a beach holiday. A holiday break from the work of a gap year.


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