Travel Tips 4 – Eating healthily

Travel Tips 4 – Eating healthily

Eating healthily can be hard when you are constantly on the road and on a budget. We haven’t eaten a lot of authentic South American cooking simply because much of it is carnivorous or looks of dubious origin. For instance, the town where we are staying tonight has no place we would feel comfortable eating at.

Also, eating out takes time, costs a lot (over a year) and whilst travelling for an extended time you just crave plain food rather than fancy.

We eat best when we’re staying in Airbnb’s or hostels with kitchens, since we can buy and cook our own food and are in control of what we eat. Dinner basics are often eggs, pasta/rice or beans.

In the day? We have brought our own plate and cutlery plus tin opener. We buy bread and fruit for our breakfasts ( if not included with our accommodation) and lunches. Avocados have been wonderful for calories and filling us up.

When all else fails, like tonight, we buy tinned sardines, lentils and a jar of olives from a supermarket and eat these. Good protein and roughage even when tinned. We have both lost weight since regular meals just aren’t possible, but we’re staying pretty healthy and keeping going.

This is one of our occasional tips for middle aged gap year travellers. To see the others, click below on the link – Travel Tips


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