The fruits of Costa Rica

The fruits of Costa Rica

Fruit in Costa Rica is simply the best; it is large, sweet, ripe and has wonderful textures. Quality you can’t get at an urban supermarket.

At the side of every road there are colourful stalls with all sorts of fruits which simply make you want to stop and buy; today we have bought a massive ripe pineapple for £1.50 to eat in our hostel. Fruit is the perfect convenience food for travellers giving us lots of vitamin C, energy and fibre.

We’ve been gorging mostly on watermelons, mangoes, pineapples, guava and coconuts but there are dozens of other unpronounceable species we have yet to try. No other pineapple we taste in the future can be as good as the one we’re having this morning. No food miles, straight off the tree.


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