Paradise lost

Paradise lost

This sign made us smile, but it also got us thinking. When does a touristy beach town lose the feel of being “paradise”? Maybe it’s when the tarmac arrives, or the first fast food outlet or even a tattoo parlour.

With no planning laws, an eyesore can be quickly created instead of just natural beauty. Here’s what we mean – a scene at Bahía Drake where we’ve just stayed.


When ugly, cheap point-of-sale and shacks get thrown up to attract tourists and make money, how should we react?

Should we view this critically as killing the “tourist experience” and despair? And in future, seek out expensive places designed and built by corporates who have the money for aesthetics. Or just arrive by cruise boat.

Or should we leave our “designer eye” in the first world, and continue spending our money at the shabby places run by locals? If we do the latter, whilst it may lead to less than perfect results, it is a sustainable approach that nurtures local communities.


2 thoughts on “Paradise lost

  1. Definitely go for the shabby…this world is becoming the same all over its corporate entities appearing everywhere….long live the individuality 🙂 xxx


  2. Got it in one – nurture local communities! ‘Shabby’ beats ‘corporate’ every time. Glad you’re finding some space to chill before you venture into the US.


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