Capital time in San José

Capital time in San José

The place to enjoy Costa Rica is not in a town or city, but on the beach, in a jungle or on a boat. So we had few expectations for our day in the capital San José.

But the great thing about any city is the capacity to surprise. It’s the unexpected that stands out and engages.

The picture above shows an extraordinary sculpture by the Costa Rican artist Marisel Jiménez called Retablo de la Corte de Carlos Jiménez. It was for us the highlight of the Visual Arts museum under Plaza de la Cultura.

Also unexpected was reliving the hayday of aviation at the old international airport which has been spared re-development. Wonderful old footage showed the glamour of air travel in the fifties.

IMG_5201Where the planes took off from, is now the La Sababa park and here Roger captured some young Ticos excelling at roller blading.

IMG_5204Meanwhile Hilary was delighted to see an exhibition examining the depiction of women on Costa Rican currency. As the picture shows there have been 36 men on banknotes but only two women.




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