The Astros’ “field of dreams”

The Astros’ “field of dreams”

It was our first baseball match and gosh did we enjoy the experience. The impressive stadium, the singing of “God Bless America”, and the whipping up of the crowd. Oh and Houston Astros were playing Kansas City Royals.

And it got exciting; here’s our chance to prove we picked up some of the jargon.

It was the bottom of the twelfth – that’s three innings over a normal match. Houston had two out, with Evan Gattis on three balls and two strikes and all the bases were loaded. There was real tension, this is the baseball equivalent of a penalty shoot-out. And the pitcher then did a fourth ball and Houston walked. The crowd cheered, a loud claxon went off and the “home run” train chugged along its track. Match over, the Astros had won 5-4.

Earlier, Will looked at Roger curiously when asked whether the away crowd would be segregated. It was all a lot more wholesome and family-friendly than an English soccer match.

Hilary & Roger, Caroline & Will meet up with Micky
Astro’s Martin Gonzalez watches the flight of his 2-run home run during the seventh innings. Picture: Brett Coomer, Houston Chronicle

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