On the plantation

On the plantation

Driving along the Mississippi you see the old sugar cane plantation houses. Elegant and beautiful. Yet now forever associated with slavery.

Of course the buying and ownership of people is disgusting, but we suspect the reality for the slaves was more nuanced than many might wish to believe today. And, it’s worth remembering,  there are more people – especially women – held in slavery right now than at the height of the African slave trade.

We visited Oak Alley Plantation famous for its unique avenue of 300 year old Virginian Oaks. The dappled sunlight shining through these trees was sublime.



2 thoughts on “On the plantation

  1. I always try to remember the darker side when I tour these lovely places, but I also like the way you juxtaposition the ugly past with today’s realities. It is easier to forget the slave trade now because it is so hidden; we need these reminders. Thank you.


  2. Disturbing indeed that modern day slavery is more prevalent and more widespread, including here in the UK where it’s estimated there are around 13,000 people in slavery. The international figure is estimated at between 26-46 million.


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