Poets for hire

Poets for hire

Typewriters and young men – it’s an intriguing sight in the age of the smartphone. On getting closer we saw the handwritten sign Poets for Hire.

We agreed four dollars and a missive on the theme of travel. Soon Calvin’s keys were hitting the scrappy bit of paper. The clacking noise of prose, the carriage return swish of each completed line.

Thank you Calvin Sinclair for the poem that acts as a great motivator to travel:

Leaving the nest of the worst monotony and stepping into a beautiful flow
Amazingly surrendering to the mystery of the beauty that surrounds us all – showing off its seductive sights that wrap us up and haunt our nights
For it’s never too late to say goodbye to fear and stress and the same tired days (which replay over and over in a daydream molasses stream)
And reinvent yourself by diving into the wonders and magic of the infinite.




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