Old man river history

Old man river history

It’s been Hilary’s wish to see the mighty River Mississippi since the age of five. And now she gets to drive from New Orleans to Memphis.

Our first stop was St Francisville. The monument commemorates the 1810 rebellion that created the independent nation state of West Florida. 74 days later it was incorporated into the United States.

Roger stands where a ferry used to cross – until a new bridge opened in 2011.

Natchez gave us the best views of the River; the bluff was beautifully preserved by the local community with history and nature trails. Here the old port was known as “Natchez Improper” due to all the prostitution and gambling down there.

More history at Vicksburg and the 1863 epic story of the Civil War siege. After 47 days General Grant took the city, opened up the River to Union traffic and changed the momentum of the war.

If you plan to do this Simply take as long as you can. We took Highway 61 most of the way – it’s a very authentic drive compared to an Interstate – but the slower option is to navigate up the Great River Road scenic drive


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