The Wonder of Elvis

The Wonder of Elvis

Hilary fell in love with Elvis Presley in 1970 when he sang The Wonder of You. And still remembers where she was on 16th August 1977 hearing news of his death; it was in southern Scotland on a pony ride.

Despite dying young at the age of 42, Elvis has sold an estimated 600 million records worldwide and is acclaimed as one of the most successful solo artists of all time. Today, he’s still the King of Rock and Roll.

Five years after Elvis’ death, his widow and daughter opened up Graceland to the public. The tour of the house is fascinating, with so much personal archival content on display. We spent hours here, indulging in Elvis and 1950s-1970s nostalgia. UAlso, it was emotional seeing the racquets court where he played his final game – which caused his heart attack soon after – and his grave.

We were lucky with our timing. Last month, a huge improved exhibition area was opened devoted to his aeroplanes, cars, motorbikes, films and records in addition to his early years in Tupelo, his time in the US Army in Germany and all his amazing jumpsuits. A wonderful day.


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