Travel Tips 6 – staying in US motels

Travel Tips 6 – staying in US motels

We’ve spent the last two weeks living out of American motels. With the car parked right outside, they offer the perfect stopover.

The big brands (Super 8, Red Roof) provide consistent rooms – very large bed, fridge, coffee maker and microwave, though their cleanliness is often down to local management. In fact, a few nights we slept in our sheet bags rather than get under their sheets!

They cost anywhere between $50 – $130 depending on location. We found it paid to drive around a bit as those sited in the cities are up to double in price.

What to ask. Does the price include taxes? Is there breakfast? Also, if you are a non-smoker, make sure you get a designated room.

Independent motels are unpredictable. They gave us the best and worst experiences. If it’s below $40, then there’s probably a reason.

Unfortunately it often comes down to who your neighbours are. In the middle of one night, we had to listen to a door being battered down a room away from us and a woman screaming. We should have been brave enough to challenge this, but aware of widespread gun ownership, we didn’t.


This is one of our occasional tips for middle aged gap year travellers. To see the others, click below on the link – Travel Tips


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