Into the Rockies

Into the Rockies

We drove west on Highway 1, but didn’t get very far.

By the time we reached charming Canmore it was snowing hard. With low mist and hardly any mountains in view, there was little point heading further up the valley to Jasper.

Until the views get clearer, we’ll settle down for some well earned rest-time and do a few “winter” wonderland treks.

It’s the third time on this gap year we’ve walked on snow (the others were Mounts Etna and Cotopaxi) and what a contrast to the hot (38+ degrees) beaches of Costa Rica or the cities of Texas. As our travels approach six months, we are appreciating the importance of diverse and ever-changing experiences.

The Main Street in Canmore. Full of touristy shops and cafés; hard to believe this was one of Canada’s largest mining centres
Elks along the banks of the River Bow just outside Canmore

One thought on “Into the Rockies

  1. Hi both …just to let you know …we had snow here yesterday too ..25th April!! …but it didn’t last long 😉 hope you’re making snowmen over there …or at least the odd snow angel? Love and hugs to you both xxx


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