The road to Jasper

The road to Jasper

This is why we’ve come to Canada. A lone road through majestic unspoilt scenery.

So pleased we saw the heart of the Canadian Rockies a couple of days after a heavy snowstorm. The scale dramatised. The isolation intensified. The wildness of Banff and Jasper National Parks takes the breath away.

Completed in 1940, The Icefield Parkway (part of Highway 93) runs for 230 kilometres from just north of Lake Louise to Jasper and is often described as one of the world’s great drives. But it’s crowded in the summer and often closed in the winter, so we were lucky to have such a clear run.

Along the scenic route we walked on frozen lakes, trekked through forests, and visited near secret gorges.




4 thoughts on “The road to Jasper

  1. R & H – Great blog. Wouldn’t occur to me you’d fall out anyway!
    Please see emails re LA and San Diego or Skype when in wi fi zone.


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