We’ve reached six months travelling

We’ve reached six months travelling

Today we have been travelling around the world for exactly six months. We’ll celebrate in Vernon, the British Columbia town in the Okanagan Valley.

We’re pretty chuffed with ourselves. We are on plan, on budget (well nearly) and fit and healthy. Also – and this is probably the best achievement – still talking to each other.

We’ve met inspiring people, seen incredible sights and got outside our comfort zones on numerous occasions.

Many people have asked us how we have changed.

Hilary’s been reminded that 99% of the world consists of good people who are living happily and at peace and we should focus on this, not the depressing news we get each day. She’s also been surprised at how she can survive without a daily routine and home comforts. Roger feels an increased drive to make the most of each day – after all life is not a rehearsal and we are not getting any younger. He is meanwhile planning to do his bit for climate change and go vegan. Also, our children tell us we’ve become more interesting to them since we’re now doing lots of exciting things.

Here are six of our favourite experiences – one for each month – click on them to be taken to our blog post….

November – Sleeping in a Trulli

December – Walking the Amalfi coast

January – Climbing Torres del Paine

February – Cycling in the Atacama Desert

March – Living in a cabin in Costa Rica

April – Visiting Graceland, Memphis

We hope you will continue to enjoy the journey with us. And we’re so grateful for all your encouraging comments.


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