Cycling the sea front

Cycling the sea front

For us the Mobi Bike network was the best way to see Vancouver.  Over two days we cycled 27km around Stanley Park, False Creek, Gastown and Downtown.

We created an account online, linked it to a credit card and set up a PIN to key into the bikes. It was a joy to cycle on pathways separated from cars. In this respect, Vancouver is as cycle-friendly as Copenhagen and much better than London.

All cities need to develop imaginative game-changing plans to increase bike usage. That means creating safe bike routes, integrating with other forms of public transport and launching bike share schemes like Vancouver’s.

So far this year, there have been some 280,000 bike rides over one of the main Vancouver bridges. That’s 280,000 less car journeys.

If you plan to do this To save costs, the key thing is to cycle in bursts of under 30 minutes between docking stations. That way we paid an upfront fee of 2×7.50 CAD for 24 hours use of two bikes and only paid an extra 5 CAD when Roger’s cycle around Stanley Park exceeded the 30 minutes free limit. A corresponding quote for two half days from a bike hire shop was around 80 CAD.

The Car2Go scheme does a similar job for cars. We were told you just pay 0.30 CAD a minute.

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