Canadian round-up

Canadian round-up

Canada is only 150 years young and we are struggling to find its identity.

The Queen is still on the banknotes but half the population in the western provinces look Chinese. They have one big land border but the only thing that unites Canadians is “we are not American”.

The cities we stayed in (Vancouver, Calgary) scream global, but some of the rural towns visited (Revelstoke, Jasper and Vernon) were the opposite; here people simply want to watch ice hockey and dig their allotments.

In Europe we constantly discuss the Europe v Islam divide, here in Canada it’s the Europe v America v China debate.

But maybe all this is a bit deep. We came for the big landscapes and got them. Imposing, beautiful, dramatic. It’s a scale that Europe can only imagine.

And it’s this scale that perhaps masks for now the changes taking place here; environmental damage, rapid immigration and global capitalisation. Without a clear identity, which way will Canada turn?

And if you are British and thinking of emigrating here to escape Brexit you may not find it as easy as hoped. We hear that Asians and others now get priority. Also don’t forget the long, cold winters.


2 thoughts on “Canadian round-up

  1. National identities are constructs no matter how old the country, many European countries have not existed for very long either, take Germany for example. I’d be hard pressed to find an identity ascribed to Britain that I personally feel happy with.


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