Seattle – highs and lows

Seattle – highs and lows

Logging, the Klondike Gold Rush, Boeing, Amazon and grunge music; these are the foundations of the Emerald City. Downtown was edgy and exciting. Gays walked hand-in-hand. Skyscraper-builders drank Starbucks. Mental-health sufferers howled loud and long in the streets.

This is one of America’s most liberal cities – but to us, it didn’t seem like a city at ease with itself.

Seeing the homeless here was in complete contrast to Vancouver. Seattle has welcomed the ‘under-class’ to come and camp here, but on our evidence appears to offer limited support
In 1897, successful marking established Seattle as the premier staging post for fortune-seekers heading to the Yukon.  The Klondike Gold Rush Museum tells the story
Either disgusting or fantastic depending on your taste. Authorities completely steam-cleaned the bricks in 2015, but the Market Theatre Gum Wall is fully covered again

We photographed downtown from the top of the 1914 built Smith Tower (below left). But the symbol of Seattle is the amazing Space Needle built 48 years later (below right).


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