Here’s Johnny

Here’s Johnny

Roger first flew into America in 1980. And the first thing he did was go to a cinema off Broadway to see The Shining; which at that time hadn’t been released in England.

You see, he’s always been crazy about the films of Stanley Kubrick; so much so that our son is named Lyndon after Barry Lyndon.

So imagine the excitement when he discovered by chance that the establishing shots of the Overlook Hotel were actually filmed an hour outside Portland.

The 1935 built Timberline Lodge halfway up Mount Hood became the first stop in our new rental Jeep. And Roger borrowed Jack Nicholson’s axe from the Lodge’s reception – well a copy of it.


One thought on “Here’s Johnny

  1. Love that photo of you with the axe Roger….can’t decide what your expression is…either “OMG I’ve got hold of THAT axe!” …or “Help, what do I do with this thing?”…either way looks like you’re having a fabulous time 🙂 happy travels, lots of love Hz xx


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