Carry on camping

Carry on camping

Staying in motels was fun in the Southern States. But here in Oregon we want to get out into the wilderness and experience nature 24/7. So your bloggers went to Walmart and bought everything you need to camp in the beautiful State Parks.

Rather than follow the coast road, we were advised the better weather right now is east of the Cascade Mountains. And our first camp just outside Culver is at the Cove Palisades State Park surrounded by stunning gorges and lakes. We loved having the place to ourselves but it was freezing once the sun went down.

Also disaster. We did a great job at Walmart earlier in the day, but the mattress pump needed batteries (rather than being run off the car battery). So we had to sleep on the ground.

How about this for getting out into nature. Our first campsite with great facilities – shame about the mattress

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