Beautiful Bend

Beautiful Bend

Settlers founded Bend (Central Oregon) in 1904 when irrigation turned the desert green and the land was divided into plots and sold off. Today, Californians are moving here because of “high prices there and the lack of water”.

Of all the places we have visited over the past six months, this is where we would live tomorrow. Situated on a bend in the River Deschutes, Bend is the American lifestyle at its best. A fantastic park on the riverbank, artsy shops and all the cafes you need. No wonder everyone here looked so happy. As the sign in the shop said Kiss your Life.

Think ‘Half a Sixpence’ in stones. These two stone halves link Bend with its sister city in Japan – Fujioka

2 thoughts on “Beautiful Bend

  1. Hey Hillary- Even though it did not work out for us to get together when you were in Portland, glad you are enjoying the rest of Oregon. Love reading your blog.



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