Jehovah’s Witnesses and a world of faith

Jehovah’s Witnesses and a world of faith

Throughout our travels, we have seen Jehovah’s Witnesses standing on street corners. They are everywhere in North and South America; a colossal effort to spread word of their faith.

But surely Donna, Terra and Tom have the prettiest place – sitting in the riverside park at Bend.

It was interesting to talk to these lovely people about their belief and how it acts as a pathway in their lives. We also realised if we took up their faith we could get free accommodation all over the world!

And Roger later read the book What does the Bible really teach? Understanding others people’s world views is surely part of the travelling experience. And even secularists need to appreciate that faith is a key driver in the world today.

Over the past six months we have seen many extraordinary buildings celebrating religious faith. But it is always the people worshipping, or praying, or crying inside – that makes us reflect most.


2 thoughts on “Jehovah’s Witnesses and a world of faith

  1. Fantastic to meet you both and hear about your travels thus far! Thank you for “finally” approaching us 🙂 stay safe and tell other Witnesses we say hello!


  2. It was really nice talking to you guys you were very friendly. We hope you have safe travels and a wonderful time on your trip.


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