Into California

Into California

Our twelfth State. Crossing the State Line we were asked “Do you have any produce?”. Roger answered “What do you mean by produce?” and we were charmingly waved through.

The more you get to know America, the more you appreciate the edgy differences between the States. It’s more than slogans proudly displayed on number plates. Different laws, different cultures, different accents and very different political views.

Ask an American travelling abroad where they come from, and they’ll always reply with the State first. They’ll get emotional standing for the Stars and Stripes but are very proud to be an Iowan, an Oregonian or a Texan. Looking into America from the outside, we can often forget that.


One thought on “Into California

  1. We have noticed the same thing on our US trips. There is a tendency to think of the US as an homogeneous country, when the reality is very different. Your blogs have made us very keen to see much more of this fascinating country. Enjoy California. Xx


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