Redwoods 1 – Stout Grove

Redwoods 1 – Stout Grove

Travelling down Route 199 we visited Stout Grove for the magnificent Coast Redwoods. These gentle giants live for up to 2,000 years and can grow higher than the Empire State Building at 380 plus feet. The tallest tree in the world is a nearby Coast Redwood, but its location is a well kept secret, lest visitors damage it.

With high winds it’s hard for a lone tree to grow to a great height; so these trees grow in teams. To provide stability, their shallow roots spread out to create lattice networks with other Redwoods.

It’s the altitude, the humidity (they absorb up to one third of their water needs from the sea mist and regular flooding), the protection in the valleys and fellow trees that enable them to achieve their colossal height. Since they were “discovered” many Redwoods have been planted in Britain (and the rest of the world), but these never get as tall as those in California.

Sadly about 95% of primary Redwoods have been destroyed in the last 100 years by commercial logging, but they are now protected within the State and National Parks. There is concern about Trump changing this, but we were assured that he can’t touch them. Let’s hope so. Because they should only be hugged by people.




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