California Aqueduct

California Aqueduct

We thought aqueducts died out with the Romans, until we came across this.

California has a massive water shortage; water is more important than oil. Started in 1963 and opened in 1997, the California Aqueduct is a 700 mile system of canals, tunnels and pipelines that takes water from the north of California to the south.

25 million people living in the Central Valley rely on this water. Whoever you speak to thinks other industries are using far too much. In many farmers’ fields there are signs claiming the most important use of water is to grow food, whilst the fracking and oil industries claim their need is just as great.

Agriculture currently uses 80% of California’s water and one could argue fruit should be grown in a State which isn’t so hot and where water is not such a rare commodity.

The farmers latest gripe is that they are being forced to use oil wastewater, because lobbyists for the oil and fracking companies ensure they get first usage and the oil wastewater then goes to the farms without proper cleansing.  Farmers suggest this may have health effects for those who eat the produce.

The farmers’ placards almost seem to campaign for the opposite of their intention!

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