“Clearing your Head” – Thoughts from the World

“Clearing your Head” – Thoughts from the World

Reflections from a few of the most emotional, beautiful and obscure places in the world. Thoughts from the World is an occasional series of posts from Roger about travelling for inspiration.

Driving up the road from Twentynine Palms you leave the everyday behind; gas stations, fast-food outlets and faded motels, all disappearing in the rear view mirror.

I am escaping the 21st century, and entering the timeless desert of Joshua Tree National Park; nearly 800,000 acres of wilderness.

Ahead of me, Joshua trees whimsically stand proud, granite stacked boulders look like giant brains emerging from the earth, and a surprisingly wide variety of plants thrive. The sun overhead dominates everything. The air is hot, the dust is hot, the scent of creosote bushes hot.

My routine changes. I’m up with the sun, and then through the heat of the day searching for shade, and then climbing viewpoints at sunset. Yet, in this harsh environment it feels surprisingly safe. For us privileged humans, one gallon of water a day per person is recommended.

My mind clears. A Time to dwell. A Time to savour. A Time to think.

This is getting away from it all. Getting rid of the shackles and worries that hold back our hopes, and our dreams. Now I can think beyond the distant horizon.

A Thought from the World 

“To think clearly you need to declutter your head and your life”

Three things we might want to do

Find a quiet space and do some mindfulness (free exercises are easily found online).

Get out of the house and go for a long walk, hopefully in big sky country when the sun is shining.

Declutter the home. Throw out anything not used in the last year or lacking any intrinsic value.


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