Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree National Park

We’ve spent 48 hours in the almost prehistoric wilderness of Joshua Tree National Park, camping for two nights at the Jumbo Rocks campsite.

The mesmerising Joshua trees are not really trees, but a species of yucca. They can grow up to 40 feet tall at the rate of an inch a year and live for hundreds of years. They seemed very characterful, each with a unique outline. We were too late for the blooming of their magnificent cream-coloured flowers, however, we had other flowers to enjoy…

Plant-wise we walked amongst Mojave yucca, pinyon pines, scrub oaks, creosotes, and jojoba. We glimpsed desert spiny lizards, jackrabbits, cactus wrens and American kestrels.

Our time here was a real highlight of our tour through the national parks of SE California.

In the cool of sunrise, we walked around the Cholla Cactus Garden
A woman saw us watching the sun set at Keys View, and offered to take our picture

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