Downtown Los Angeles

Downtown Los Angeles

We’d both been to LA before, but at the time when you didn’t go downtown. It was pretty-well a no-go area for tourists back in the 80s. So that’s were we headed now, and it was a revelation. Perfect for an afternoon stroll and everyone looked happy, even the homeless looking less desperate than up north.

In particular, in the sunlight, the stunning architecture impressed. Most notably for us the 1930s City Hall, Pershing Square, the inside of the stunning Bradbury Building and the ultra-modern Walt Disney Concert Hall.

And now we deserved a celebratory drink. Over 34 life-affirming days, we had travelled from Portland to Los Angeles in our lovely Grande Cherokee 4×4 experiencing incredible landscapes and sights. Oregon we could live in. California we would love to visit every year.

Your bloggers pictured at Perch, a 16th floor rooftop bar overlooking Pershing Square. We had simply seen the fun location from down in the square and found our way up
Enthusiastic workmates we spoke to as we left Perch. The infectiously-happy woman in the tutu was wildly excited by our travels

One thought on “Downtown Los Angeles

  1. Love America for travelling! And you’ve certainly done some of that, amazing stories. Thanks for sharing. XxX


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